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Aegis Command System 2



ECG charger station

Command Tablet

How Does ACS-2
Protect Your Safety?

Aegis Command System 2 (ACS-2) is an advanced disaster relief monitoring system, an all-in-one employee check-in, emergency alerting and monitoring system. The main purpose is to help employers minimize risk and protect staff’s safety by monitoring the personal physiological signals of staffs when they are on duty in buildings or work place.

Why choose ACS?

Enclosed network system

To avoid being restricted by internet ( Wi-Fi or 4G) and cut cost, we construct our own network for ACS. All the data is transmitted via high performance, long range wireless and ultra-low power consumption Bluetooth and Sub-g.


All data will be saved in the cloud and analyzed for the further staff training course and medical research.


The functional clothes with integrated smart textile technology detect and transmit physiological signals. They are conformable to the human body.

Real Time Insights

The data from detector including heart rate, breathing, motion status and temperature of environment will be transmitted to tablet.
The commander can ensure staff’s safety and make personnel allocation through monitoring the accurate situation in the workplace.

Brand story

“Your safety, our priority”
We are committed to providing a solution which can ensure the working safety for different industries. Our mission is helping workers stay safe on the job.
Our key to success is assembling the right blend of people, products and technology.